Long Waited ‘Sports Story’ FINALLY Arrives On Nintendo Switch

Long Waited 'Sports Story' FINALLY Arrives On Nintendo Switch-Ravzgadget
Long Waited 'Sports Story' FINALLY Arrives On Nintendo Switch

Sports Story is now available on Nintendo Switch after a lengthy delay. Golf Story fans have been waiting for the sequel for quite some time. Sports Story was supposed to arrive on the console in 2020, but it was delayed, as have so many other games in recent years.

Many of the same characters appear in Sports Story as they do in Golf Story. It picks up where the previous game left off, with a similar mix of sports, role-playing, and adventuring.

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You can still play golf in this one, as well as tennis, soccer, BMX, and (unsurprisingly, given that this is an RPG) fishing. You can also go exploring dungeons and abandoned ruins, or simply relax at the mall.

Nintendo stated last month that Sports Story would be released in December, and they were correct. To cap off a week of bite-sized indie game updates, the company announced the sudden release of Sidebar Games’ latest title. Other Switch surprises this week included Mortal Shell and the dreamy puzzle game Melatonin.

Nintendo also revealed that a Risk of Rain remake, the adorable-looking The Gecko Gods, and the absolutely delightful dog photography game Pupperazzi will all be available on the Nintendo Switch next year.

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Black Friday should see an increase in demand for the current generation of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, which has been in astronomical demand for the better part of two years. While we can’t promise you’ll be able to purchase the Switch, PS5, or Xbox Series X/S you’ve had your eye on this Christmas season.

We have gathered all the product listings we could locate for each console in one place to make your search a little bit more straightforward. Again, there is a lot of demand for these devices, so not every console might be available when you read this. If any new bargains become available throughout the day, we’ll update this post. Let us now spare you a little bit of Google searching.

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