‘Mythic Quest’ Season 2 Is Coming To Apple TV+ On May 7th

Mythic Quest Season 2 Is Coming To Apple TV+ On May 7th - Ravzgadget
'Mythic Quest' Season 2 Is Coming To Apple TV+ On May 7th / Photo credit: Apple

You’re about to see the second season of Mythic Quest as Apple has released a trailer for the TV+ comedy show. The trailer gave us a glimpse of what we should expect. We once described the show as Silicon Valley for game devs, which narrated the story of a gaming studio behind an incredibly popular MMO.

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In the first season, we did follow the team as they released a major expansion for their game entitled Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet.

Then, the second season comes after the quarantine lifts and everyone returns to the office to figure out how to build upon the success of the expansion, tackling their struggles with the game’s direction. It also explores some characters’ past unresolved issues and office romance.

The show was created by the same minds that created It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and jointly produced by Ubisoft. Though production for season 2 was stopped a couple of times in 2020 after some crew members tested positive for the coronavirus, now the show is set for release.

Mythic Quest season 2 is coming to the Apple TV+ subscription service on May 7th. Before then, you can watch its trailer below to get an idea of what’s coming.

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