NASA Released A Trailer To Show What Its Next Mars Launch Looks Like

Make no mistake about the date, NASA is returning to Mars 30 July, and it has released a trailer ahead of the date for those who are possibly curious over what’s going to happen right there.

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The minute-long, animated rundown shows the whole mission in a very neat, and easy-to-asimilate package. You’ll learn the new rover’s name (Perseverance), its landing location (Jezero Crater), its mission, and its traveling companion – a helicopter named Ingenuity.

The science company is possibly realizing that most of us are more interested in space these days than we have always been because planet Earth is so very messed up. But space is fun. Rocket launches are fun. Thums-up NASA for getting the hype up ahead of the show day.

Fasten your seat belt and wait.

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