Quiplash 3 Will Drop On Jackbox’s Party Pack 7 Very Soon

In case you lack what to do with your friends and can't wait till the fall you can buy the first six sets on your preferred platform.

Quiplash 3 Will Drop On Jackbox's Party Pack 7 Very Soon - Ravzgadget
Quip Lash / Photo credit: Engadget
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Although the holiday season is over, but that doesn’t mean the parties games have to be over as well. Jackbox Games said this week that the seventh generation of its annually released Party Packs ‘Quiplash’ is coming sooner than you can imagine.

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That said, the company released a trailer for Quiplash 3 at Pax East hours ago, and also announced that the new game will be one of the titles in Party Pack 7.

Following the released of the original version of Quiplash launched in 2015, it fought it way through to becoming the Jackbox’s most popular game. It also became the first from the company’s jobs to feature an audience participation component, which allows up to 10,000 people beyond the main three to eight players to join in the game.

In Quiplash and Quiplash 2, friends can use their phones and go to Jackbox’s browser-based portal and then enter a room code to join the game. Then, in each of the three rounds, a player will have to come up with funny answers to two prompts.

Then, quips are pit against one another player who received the same question. Others in the room or those who tuned in through the room code votes for their favorite. Then you have the option with the highest votes winning a thousand points.

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If you’ve played Cards Against Humanity before then you won’t have a problem playing this, except that Jackbox is a console-based game and requires that one of the players has bought it and can host it on a big shared screen for others.

For gamers who want to try it out, you can find all generations of the Party Pack across a wide variety of platforms, including the Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox and a few smart TVs. CEO Mike Bilder told Engadget Quiplash 3 will be the only sequel in Party Pack 7.

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“The remaining four games that will be in pack seven will be brand new IP,” he said, and that the new bundle will likely arrive on all existing platforms “with the potential for more”.

In case you lack what to do with your friends and can’t wait till the fall you can buy the first six sets on your preferred platform.

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